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1st December 2006

Sometimes I get a feeling about a woman…


Fresh water.

Careful, but real, footsteps into new, but not totally unknown, territory.

Realising she might not want to go where I want to go and the backing away until friendship sits there for any length of time they care to mention.

The getting on and doing so that who I want doesn’t get scared off.


With your own sense of most things

The one that stands her ground, not because she has to but because that’s just what you do. Who you are.

You as you are.

And, maybe, even sorted.

What amazing joy there is in the first throws of relationship… such a wonderfilled time. Space within each others spaces. Intimate times of knowing and growing.

The baggage of the past weighs a lot at times.

We have had such piles of it that I am surprised our backs haven’t snapped… luckily we have managed to tip so much of it off… usually right onto our relationships in progress… crippling what was growing well.

Finding answers that work without other distortions works well for me. Learning by listening. Learning by letting out our deepest thoughts and feelings, joys and frustrations… clicking the missing links into place.

Allowing space and movement in and around new circumstances to fill us with clarity of breathing and living.

And, if I’m lucky – which I usually am – a form of telepathy that gives me use of your eyes to see different things or your brains to imagine a differing scenario or your ways of dealing with other humans so I can understand
more of what I missed out on.

And, if we are even luckier… we end up with something we are enjoying on many levels so the balance feels right.

That feeling of rightness.

Oh, yes. That feeling of enjoyment…

Me… and Her… whoever She may be

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