The tribes of man – their ways New Year’s Eve 2006


Image via Wikipedia The mores of the tribes are the bindings that I have fought against for years and now find I long for but cannot accept.

To accept one rule is to accept all the rules and many of these are ways of being blind to the cruelties that the tribe inflicts on those it finds outside its boundaries.

Blindness is not only a physical characteristic but a mental one as well.

The strictures of a tribe allow this non physical blindness to rule over common sense and truth.

The ending of one time period – a year – is a time when the rules play their part over those who keep their patterns. Christmas and New Year are times when those in the UK swamp themselves with food and luxury items and, in many cases, use alcohol to excess as a means of ramping up the festivities.

It’s New Year’s Eve today.

2007 tomorrow.

I think I am spending both tonight and tomorrow alone.

I have been invited out to a friends tonight and with friends tonight. I don’t think I can cope so I am almost certainly going to be alone.

My children are with their mother and they are all doing something this evening.

I don’t have anyone who wants to be with me tonight.

My choice of loneliness bought on by choosing to live outside the rules of the tribe.

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