14/4/1996 Forgive and Forget? Yeah, Right!


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Time heals all.

Race memory proves this adage false. The memories of long ago pain are left behind by the majority as society ploughs forward into changing spaces but, for the few, who were damaged most by the iniquities of actions lived through by those long dead, there is a locking of time. The hatred created by the past lives on and cannot be released by platitudes and hope-filled actions of today’s new thinkers. Four hundred years of Irish pain, forty years of Palestinian angst, it is easy to see why a minority might feel the need for revenge on a country full of those who see their anger as ‘long past its sell-by date’- it was not those of today who had their homes and land taken from them, every country has something to be ashamed of in its past, look forwards, not backwards. Each statement of today, which adds other reasons for letting go of the pain, only adds to that pain and renews it. Each year that adds weight to the new tenants claim on their land adds weight to the angry voice of yesterday that still stalks through the minds of the bombers of now.

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