The Build Up Of Today’s Unknown’s


Image via Wikipedia The build up of today’s unknowns could lead to a cull of the human race that will have to happen because there is no other way for the rest of the human race to survive.

We live in a world where freedom and new tomorrows lead us by the nose towards pastures that might be new but could also be mined.

Half a million young people take ecstasy each weekend. Ecstasy in its own right could cause forms of mental instability that are the monsters of our nightmares. What passes for ecstasy, strange concoctions of multiple chemicals could cause damage that makes ecstasy effects a summer breeze in comparison.

Mobile phones are miniature microwave devices which have to be constantly on in order to receive. When in use they are held to the ear, right next door to the most sensitive instrument that mankind knows- the brain.

It is already known that damage is done to lab rats, double the numbers of cancers when put next to a switched on mobile phone compared to the non yuppie rats who are safer incommunicado.

Add this to the many other sources of radiation, drugs and other possibles we have not noticed yet and we could be seeing a future where mental instability a la Mad Max could see the end of our civilisation as it crumbles under
the weight of the social cost of caring for so many potential victims of today’s “maybe ok’s”

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