Eckoh On Demand


In a tough economic climate, it makes sense to opt for a hosted solution With so many IVR legacy systems coming to a natural end of life and organisations looking to upgrade and innovate with minimal capital resource available – the case for hosted voice self-service has never been more compelling. Eckoh On-Demand provides a fast and affordable way for Contact Centres to implement voice self-service and to stay ahead of the technology curve without needing to tie up large amounts of capital funds or deploy precious IT staff to run them. At Eckoh, we’ve invested in technology, so you don’t have to. We’ve built Europe’s largest hosted telephony and technology platform, capable of handling more than 650,000 calls an hour and up to 8,000 at any one time. This platform underpins every solution we build, which means all your automation requirements, from speech to touch tone IVR, SMS and the web, can be accommodated with ease. Eckoh On-Demand: * Removes the need for significant upfront technology investment * Provides on-tap access to an almost unlimited telephony resource * Keeps you ahead of the curve as new technologies emerge * Deliver ROI in a matter of months, if not weeks Why not make an appointment to speak with one of our solution specialists and find out how your business could start benefiting from a hosted solution today – email:



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