My #freegary – Balloons found in France. #garymckinnon #noextradition #2010 « Cliffsull’s Blog

Wow at my #Freegary Balloons !

Apparently they travelled from the Salisbury City football grounds and finally came down in France , at Le Rocher in Brittany where a local resident named Stephanie found them , and using the labels that I had attached – contacted .

I know they were my balloons , because of the labels and also because of the Handwriting.


Destined for Tre-al , Brittany , France

Its rather flabbergasting to imagine them floating across the channel and across the man-made ‘Border’s’ and enacting the song 99 RED BALLOON’S as envisaged by NENA.




Free Gary McKinnon red balloon found in Brittany, France – Free Gary McKinnon

Screen clipping taken: 12/05/2010, 17:01


May 12, 2010
Categories: #freegary, Brittany, Irish Musings, france, justice for Gary !, salisbury . . Author: cliffsull

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