Some people NEED change NOW: World Scale Personal voice Control…

World Scale Personal voice Control


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This was written a few years ago and was possible then with what was available from, some admittedly expensive, shelves.

Large Scale Personal Voice Controlled Tools and Cost Effective Real Time Voice Controlled Add-ons for Individuals and Groups in Today’s Society

Removing the digital divide and the need to know how to use a computer by the addition of real time voice control. using various technologies and adding specialist tools based on corporate and military technology that could be used to help with the human race’s present and growing problems by presenting users with a clearer picture of the world around us and a better understanding of our own minds and our own needs, wants and desires in relation to those of each other, society and the rest of the world – on many levels. The addition of this voice layer coupled with other large scale tools such as automated infrastructure technology will also enable social capital tools to be put in place – these ‘tools’ have been researched with disaster in mind – whether personal, local, regional, national, international or global. This technology uses standard protocols and standard business equipment and standard globally accepted communication channels. It therefore requires no discussions or ‘five year conferences’ before agreement is reached on how to ‘work’ it. This will allow a world wide help system to be put in place faster than is governmentally possible. These add in’s are designed to be commercially viable from a relatively low scale. This technology uses computers. It is not designed to get rid of computers, just the need to know about them and how to use them in order to get the best out of the systems in place today. Your voice does what it can for you and the machinery is on your side. It acts in your best interests. With everything. What’s more other people can help just by adding their voice to yours. As you can for them. Just by talking.

Well, that’s what was writ then. So was this about the same time…

So, what is this thing of mine? It’s a wide area network accessible from any phone and the wide area network is attached to a redundant array storage area network. (well, it was going to be then back in 2004!)
So what does it do? Help individuals with the stuff of modern life Like what?

Well… if you call it up it could just wait for you to ask something which it transcribes and then runs software on what you have said that understands text and returns a value, whether this value is the answer to a simple or complex question or the next stage of pinning down a result regarding the input… It might just be a simple form of diary…. or a statement of your highest emotions – what you can say to yourself by yourself about anything you like using any words you like…. this thing can sort out your rambling into some form of sense… in real time… give it time it does a better job…. anyway back to the point of this kit… pointless if all it does is take a voice and turn it into text….

except for what you can do with text nowadays… ask around… Unstructured text to sane, together stuff is easy nowadays…. ask autonomy or tibco or even IBM… they just open sourced all the kit needed to create the tools to build the interface needed….

All the tools out there to do what with?

Help organise peoples lives so that the overheads for businesses and society are less… add a layer of synthetic oil to the social mechanism… build it with a points system which acts as a social capital creator/social capital quantifier… use it to power a personal protection device for all people… something that ties each of us into the web of data that there is floating around out there, about us, but which, at the moment, we cannot access with ease.. we have little or no control over where data about us is… it’s time we did have before things get worse with more of our data floating around… It can also show the biases in the media we uptake… now that would be interesting…. auto poling of countries regarding their thoughts and feelings about anything….

fuck me.. I’m talking brainiac and worse… 1984 and beyond…. but isn’t the system moving towards your ranting ways anyway?

well… there are major moves towards openness and transparency of operation…

so… What is the point? The point of what? My Kit!!!!!

add a set of tools into the normal set of tools now being used by everyone today this set of tools will be useful on an everyday level… takes voice and transcribes it to text then uses it

Nuance has merged with Scansoft (Nuance bought Scansoft from The Vlingo man I think) Dragon Dictate and Nuance together in one box… along with IBM Viavoice if I’m not mistaken mmmmm Tasty That is the best voice to text group in the business

Lernout & Hauspie are the boys behind it all … friends of Filip De Grave Is that a no go area? Is Filip still at all interested? Wouldn’t have thought so…. It has to be IBM Does it? Why? IBM Pro’s They have just open sourced the tools for Unstructured Information Management Architecture These are the tools needed to take the input data from companies such as Nuance dragon dictate etc and turn them into personal tools such as described in projectbrainsaver outpourings Ask…. Get… Simple equation Dragon Dictate is 99% accurate ….

Ever hear the phrase HEAD FUCK? I hate them but I have had many in my life… Autonomy found the phrase new but could understand it… found it very apt in verbal conversation but not a good looker when it came to reports and official paperwork… That’s what my kit is about… sorting out the head fucks in the world today… but you need the kit in place to do the job…

People with head fucks often are the last people who can coordinate life well
People with head fucks can get very screwed up about completely the wrong thing
People with head fucks hurt themselves, those around them and society…
People with head fucks cost this country HUGE amounts of money
People with head fucks kill themselves which hurts those around them
People with head fucks kill others…
People with head fucks distort life around them…
People with head fucks often work in positions of power… then they really do distort society around them Head fucks slow progress Head fucks don’t need to be there…
Find the right answers and head fucks go away…. But how many answers do you need to go through before you find the right one? Sometimes one sometimes thousands…
How do you find answers in the normal world?
You ask
You tune in by asking more and more until you finally, hopefully get the name of the person who can help you or the item that can help you or… whatever your need is…
So, who do you ask?

how about your telephone…

Why not go further… whilst you are making this talk-to system why not store all dialogue from that person and use it to analyse them and their lives for their benefit and with their prior need for this service….

So, nearly five years later and where are we with this kit?
Call centres and business’ with lotsa input and output on a verbal scale are now starting to use mechanical voice comprehension systems to lower costs and, hopefully provide a tighter, better service for their clients and workforce.
Systems are now in place with Yahoo that use vlingo technology which enable many high end phone users to talk to their phones in order to many things they used to have to do using the ubiquitous 12 buttons.
Nuance is looking to sue vlingo over patent infringement which might shut down the setup.
Yes, but where is your help system?
There is a major amount of help around now adays but in the UK help when you are ill or having problems is still a very hit and miss affair. Poverty is on the increase and the divide is getting wider. Crime seems to be how the UK government expects it’s poorer citizen’s to fund their daily lives – it seems to be a taken for granted value built into how the finances of this country works – look at how many of our past and present members of parliament pad their wages with dishonest add on’s or lies on forms.
… that sounded a bit bitter…
.. but there you go
So that is why I am going to try to kick projectbrainsaver into full life – our voices combining to give us power over the system – finally.


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