A Different Approach


Date: 2009/9/29
Relevance: 66.90%
Summary: …Autonomy Technology Overview. Built upon the seminal mathematical works of Thomas Bayes and Claude Shannon, and on a range of innovations that are covered by 170 patents, Autonomy technology identifies the patterns that naturally occur in text, voice or video files based on the usage and frequency of…

Date: 2008/8/28
Relevance: 57.13%
Summary: …can be traced to Bayesian Inference and Claude Shannon¹s Principle of Information. Bayes Theorem has become a central tenet of modern statistical probability modeling. Autonomy’s advanced pattern-matching technology exploits high-performance probabilistic modeling techniques and extract a document’s…

Date: 2003/10/3
Relevance: 50.03%
Summary: …agnosticism at a fundamental level. The Intelligent Data Operating Layer that lies at Autonomy’s heart uses a unique combination of Bayesian Inference and Shannon’s Information Theory to apply a technique known as Adaptive Probabilistic Concept Modelling* to the problem of understanding unstructured information….

Date: 2006/9/28
Relevance: 48.16%
Summary: …organizations to manage vast quantities of information regardless of format or storage location. In evaluating all types of queries, IDOL Server employs complex algorithms based on a combination of Information Theory and Bayesian methods to automatically weight and rank the document returns by statistical…

Date: 2008/9/16
Relevance: 45.81%
Summary: …low computation, useful for IVR Autonomy offers all methods and has developed these systems originally for use in the UK and US Intelligence community. Cannot handle silence in conversational speech—>fails Limited predefined keywords spotted Find arbitrary word, low computation Accurate, flexible, can…

Date: 2006/7/28
Relevance: 45.72%
Summary: …and structured data be it visual, auditory or alphanumeric in character. At its core, the technology uses a combination of Bayesian Inference and Shannon’s Information Theory to automatically extract the key concepts from any piece/s of information. As a mathematical platform, it is not constrained…

Date: 2006/5/16
Relevance: 43.42%
Summary: …to warrant security to Fortune 500 companies. The Foundations of IDOL Autonomy’s strength lies in a unique combination of technologies that employs advanced pattern matching techniques, using Bayesian Inference and Claude Shannon’s principles of information theory.

Date: 2009/7/3
Relevance: 39.83%
Summary: …Explore has self-learning capabilities that allow it to continuously update itself with new information. Thanks to the unique combination of Bayesian Inference and Shannon’s Information Theory in Autonomy etalk’s technology, the system is able to continuously develop and learn automatically. As new…

Date: 2010/3/4
Relevance: 38.63%
Summary: …Analytics is uniquely positioned because it is built on Autonomy’s Meaning Based Computing which leverages advanced mathematical and statistical algorithms and powerful, meaningbased technologies to automatically: • “Ingest” and understand all content and information, whether structured or unstructured…

Date: 2006/6/6
Relevance: 37.49%
Summary: …performance requirements. Adaptive Probabilistic Caching Two of the key factors in any deployment are query and index performance. Autonomy’s Adaptive Probabilistic Concept Caching algorithm ensures that frequently used concepts are maintained in memory caches and that query results are returned as…

Date: 2009/8/5
Relevance: 37.36%
Summary: …Meaning Based Marketing. All of this is possible through the application of advanced mathematical and statistical algorithms and powerful, meaning-based technologies to automatically: • “read” and understand all content and information, whether structured or unstructured • identif y and extract…

Date: 2008/9/16
Relevance: 37.05%
Summary: …analysis with IDOL’s meaning-based technology, Autonomy provides accurate, content-based retrieval of information. While legacy phonetic approaches merely use keywords and cannot contend with variant expressions of an idea, IDOL combines both phonetic and conceptual methods to disambiguate the limitations…

This is a small selection of the Autonomy White Papers available, please visit our publications site at http://publications.autonomy.com/ for more information.

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