Vodafone Turkey Unveils Voice Identification Service Powered by PerSay VocalPassword

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June 24, 2009

Vodafone Turkey Unveils Voice Identification Service Powered by PerSay VocalPassword


By Nathesh, TMCnet Contributor

Vodafone (NewsAlert) Turkey has become the first telecommunications company in that country to install Voice Biometrics through its newly launched Voice Identification Service.

The service will be powered by PerSay (NewsAlert) VocalPassword, a biometric speaker verification system that verifies a speaker during an interaction with an IVR or a voice application.

The company claims to have automated contact center interactions which will offer customers even better experience while safeguarding their privacy.

Vodafone Turkey is a mobile communications provider delivering mobile services to residential and business customers in Turkey. PerSay Ltd is a provider of advanced biometric speaker verification products.

PerSay said the companies are finding it hard to protect their data amidst escalating identity theft, fraud and social engineering attacks. Conventional single-factor authentication approaches including passwords and challenge questions no longer provide the necessary safeguards for secure remote services. But biometric speaker verification technologies like VocalPassword provide the critical component in an effective multi-factor authentication solution.

Large-scale customer-facing implementations such as Vodafone’s Voice Identification Service can make use of biometrics-based authentication techniques effectively to improve customer service and operational efficiency. Customers can avoid having to remember multiple PINs or undergo a cumbersome and costly manual authentication process using Vodafone’s new service. It is estimated that as much of 12 percent of the call duration is used up by the contact center to confirm customer identification and Vodafone’s new service drastically reduces this time.

According to PerSay, VocalPassword is easy to deploy, seamlessly integrating with existing IVR and VoiceXML (NewsAlert) platforms. The system is designed to meet strict global security standards and is used to secure access to remote services, telephony and Web applications, effectively combating identity fraud and enhancing the customer experience.

PerSay claims that its unmatched experience in deploying large scale voice biometric products as well as its superior technology were some of the many factors that persuaded Vodafone to select their voice authentication solution.

Vodafone Egypt had recently deployed the ATG Commerce Suite and Bytemobile (NewsAlert), Inc deployed integrated Web and multimedia content adoption solution for Vodafone Hungary.

Nathesh is a contributing editor for TMCnet. To read more of Nathesh’s articles, please visit his columnist page.

Edited by Tim Gray

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