Philips Intros the Third-Generation of SpeechMike IVR Dictation Devices

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August 23, 2010

Philips Intros the Third-Generation of SpeechMike IVR Dictation Devices


By Raju Shanbhag, TMCnet Contributor

Philips (NewsAlert) has introduced the third-generation of its SpeechMike audio recording devices. This new version provides essential new functions and design elements that were previously available only with wireless SpeechMike Air.

Philips Speech Processing manufactures tools that help the clients to work more productively and remain truly flexible. The company makes use of SpeechExec Enterprise, a powerful dictation software solution based on the experience of over 50 years in professional speech processing.

To enhance the user’s experience, the redesigned model includes updates from the company. The device will now have an antimicrobial surface which offers important medical advances in hygiene. Offering a distinct improvement in the accuracy of voice recognition systems, one technology update is the noise-reduction technology that almost completely eliminates noise interference. Also, the ergonomically-designed elements in the updated line features help the user more easily dictate in their environment.

“All of these updates were made to ensure that our dictation devices not only benefited the individual user but entire institutions,” says Gerhard Podhradsky, head of development at Philips Speech Processing. “Through all of these innovations, Philips continues to create dictation devices that can be used by a variety of companies, not just the medicine or the legal field. We know that all organizations with high-text volume.”

By fully integrating with Dragon NaturallySpeaking, the voice recognition solution from Nuance (NewsAlert), the third-generation SpeechMike series also raises the bar in cross-system collaboration. Also, allowing the integration of dictation, transcription and voice recognition in a single application, it is also compatible with all of Philips’ speech management solutions such as the dictation management software, SpeechExec Pro Dictate, states Philips.

Recently, the company introduced 40-50 most advanced concepts in patient monitoring and healthcare informatics systems to provide better care to the patients. This ahead-of-the-curve technology by Philips has proved very effective in saving lives worldwide and would soon help in providing quality healthcare solutions at affordable prices to its customers in India. This technology has proved very effective in saving lives worldwide, the company claims.

Raju Shanbhag is a contributing editor for TMCnet. To read more of Raju’s articles, please visit his columnist page.

Edited by Erin Monda

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