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Welcome to E-Democracy.org

We promote local online civic engagement everywhere and host the online town hall model that works.

Starting Points

  • Forums – Our 30+ Issues Forums and special online groups support local democracy and community online
  • Pages Wiki – Information and resources
  • Blog – Sharing lessons and engaging ideas
  • Participation 3.0 – New innovations in online civic engagement
  • About – Extensive background and how to contact us

Project News

Issues Forums – All Forums

Our 30+ local Issues Forums
serve 15 communities and thousands of participants across the U.S., the
UK, and New Zealand. Since 1994, we’ve built local-up democracy and
community online. Universal civility rules (no name calling, local scope, etc.) and volunteer local facilitators make the difference. Participants must register and use their real names.

Recently Opened or Proposed:

Quick Forum Links

More from E-Democracy.org

  • Donate to support your forum and expansion.
  • Start an Issue Forum – Details with a free guidebook and video
  • MyBallot.Net – During elections, find out who’s on your ballot and where to vote

Our non-profit, non-partisan mission is to expand participation and build stronger democracies and communities through the power of information and communication technologies and strategies. Developing the next generation of online civic engagement is part of our  Participation 3.0 effort. Join us.


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