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Posted: Friday, September 10th, 2010 at 5:43 pm. Filed in Features.
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Introducing Subscriptions

by Andy P


Keep track of posts across multiple blogs with the subscriptions reader.

Do you have trouble keeping track of all the blogs you read each morning? You may use RSS feeds to keep track, but those can be tricky to manage for a non-technical person. You may also open multiple tabs and scan through every blog, but that becomes difficult with a large number of blogs to read. Let’s face it, keeping up to speed with multiple blogs is tougher than it should be.

To solve this, today we’re introducing a new subscriptions feature to Subscriptions are an easy way to track and read posts across multiple blogs, all in once place.

How Subscriptions Work

Let’s say you’re reading a blog on that you really enjoy — so much so you want to be notified when new posts are published so you remember to read them. You can subscribe to this blog really easily by using the “Subscribe” menu in the admin bar. By going up to your admin bar, and clicking “Subscribe to blog”, you’ll be instantly subscribed and all current and future posts will be added to the subscriptions tab on your home screen.

The next time you visit, if new posts have been published on any of these blogs you’ll see a “NEW” notification on your admin bar. This lets you know that there are new posts for you to read. You can now use the “My Subscriptions” menu to quickly access your subscriptions reader and catch up on all the latest posts. You can also head straight to your subscriptions by using the new subscriptions tab on the home screen.

We’ve also brought email and jabber notifications all under one roof, so it’s easy to turn on email notifications of new posts, or get posts sent directly to you via instant messenger. Don’t worry, all of your existing email and jabber subscriptions have been ported through.

Subscriptions are live and ready for you to use. We’ve put together a subscriptions support page that will get you up to speed and show you how to get started.

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