Legal tools

The international crime and drug control treaties provide the legal foundation for action against drug related offences, transnational organized crime and corruption and reflect the international community’s realization that such issues can be addressed effectively through the collaboration of all states affected or involved.

To facilitate the effective implementation of international drug control and organized crime treaties, UNODC has developed a variety of legal tools which provide States and criminal justice practitioners with invaluable practical assistance and information.

Omnibus Survey Software

Model Treaties and Laws

Casework Best Practice Guidelines

Mutual Legal Assistance Request Writer Tool

Mock Trial Case Training Tool

Tailor Made Legal Publications for Practitioners

International Cooperation Networks

Directory of Competent National Authorities

The Legal Library

UNODC and Drug Treatment Courts

International Drugs Control Conventions and Commentaries

The Legal Advisory Programme

UNODC’s Division for Treaty Affairs works with Member States to implement UN Treaties and Resolutions, advises States on the drafting and adoption of drug control and crime prevention legislation and assists governments in ratifying the international drug control and crime prevention conventions as well as in implementing the United Nations Standards and Norms in Crime Prevention and Criminal Justice .



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