UNODC Eastern Africa

Corruption and Eastern Africa


UNODC provides expertise and technical assistance to Member States in line with the provisions of the United Nations Convention against Corruption. Assistance includes activities in the area of prevention, criminalization and law enforcement, international cooperation and asset recovery. The objective is to improve governments’ capacity to implement policies and laws and develop institutions on enforcement/sanctions and prevention of corruption. More specifically, assistance focuses on building strategic, tactical and operational capacities of specialized anti-corruption bodies; enhancing integrity, accountability and transparency in the private and public sector, including the management of public resources, and supporting relevant government institutions in the recovery of assets domestically and at the international level.

In particular, two niche areas have been identified in Eastern Africa:

Providing specialist assistance to anti-corruption bodies to develop IT Systems to enhance their operations. Kenya, Tanzania, Mauritius and Ethiopia
have already requested assistance in this area; and

Facilitate regional knowledge exchange and peer to peer support in intelligence creation, specialised investigative techniques (forensic accounting, use of forensic science) and advances in corruption prevention approaches. Activities are already ongoing in Kenya, Tanzania, Uganda, Rwanda, Burundi, Mauritius and South Sudan
. The two main fora for these activities are the East African Anti-Corruption Association and work in the context of the Stolen Asset Recovery Initiative(STAR).


2010 Judges’ Colloquium, Mombasa (Kenya)

Ongoing Projects

Anti-Corruption Mentor Programme

Strengthening the integrity and the capacity of the court system in Kenya


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