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Are you looking for a free IVR platform to use on MacOS X or Linux? Would you like to build applications with open standards like VoiceXML, CCXML and SIP? Are you tired of all the solutions out there that require you to do all your development on Microsoft Windows?

Here at Voxeo we believe in Unlocked Communications™ and believe that you should NOT be locked in at any level – including the operating system!

That’s why we make our Prophecy platform available for all three major operating systems at:


And of course, Prophecy is free to download and use.[1]

Sure, the majority of our downloads reflect the market and are for Windows, but we use all three operating systems internally and have large customer deployments on all of them.

The best part of all of this?

Prophecy is the same on all three platforms.

And your apps are naturally movable between versions… so if your servers are all Windows or Linux but your developers all want to use shiny Mac laptops, they can install Prophecy locally on MacOS X and build all the apps they want. When it comes time to deploy, those apps can be moved over to your Windows or Linux server. Same platform, same tools, same code.

Unlocked from the operating system!

If you are interested in learning more, just head on over to our Prophecy download page and try out a version for yourself! Heck, it’s free, so feel free to download it onto several different systems and figure out which version you like best!

P.S. And just remember, the Linux version is the one that we showed CEO Jonathan Taylor demoing that runs over 5,000 simultaneous connections!

[1] The free version of Prophecy includes a license for 2 ports of simultaneous use. It’s the exact same code as the commercial version, though, so if you want more ports you simply have to contact us to buy a license for more.

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    September 23rd, 2010 at 4:01 pm

    Looking for a free VoiceXML IVR platform for MacOS X or Linux? – http://bit.ly/cXoE9u

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