From personal problems tro global disasters within 1 year


Designed to help with normal life but especially for social exclusion – mental health – education – independence – social and personal problems, stress, the digital divide, disasters.

projectbrainsaver is a new set of tools for Life management, delivering revolutionary solutions that enable 100% real-time help within society now.

Autonomy’s technology can take any data stream (including voice and video) in real-time or near real time, analyze all aspects of the content and dynamically deliver related content.

This ‘add in’ will give anyone, normally by voice (95%+ direct voice control) and assisted by an automatically run ‘intelligent’ AI enhanced ‘switchboard’ instant, or near instant, access to any number of sources with an answer or piece of data that is relevant.

Advanced service will have voice coded interface – only your voice gets in – near instant translation into multiple languages with throughput to the phone of your choice – unlimited search and recall of any amount of data text, graphics, video – interfaces with digital TV – home/office interface – etc

These tools will include

* Life Secretary

* Problem Sorter

* A ‘Snowball’ controller

* The Brainstorming Machine

* An autosorter

* The ultimate safe dating agency

* Family Fortuner

* House Chain Completer

* A ‘Firewall’ for human beings – a personal protector

* A standard letter writer

* Phone in book writer

* A ‘Best Friend’ a ‘thinking’ correspondent for the mind side of human life

* An ‘Active Sales Agent’ for all ideas, thoughts, happenings.

* A ‘Interesting?’ Machine

* a super encyclopaedia

* A social patterns identifier – “Is it just me or is everyone twitchy /sad /angry /strange today?”

* A future bank of everything that’s ever added… for ever

* An ‘intelligent’ project coordination tool

* Family / small company coordinator

* Automated buy /sell tool with auto deliver / collection

* Voice controlled insurance updater

* Opportunities researcher

* A language library – world languages – cross reference-able

* A saver of all endangered languages

* Or anything else that anyone thinks of

Ad infinitum.

The above are only possible examples – actual uses will be based on market research and, more to the point, customer requirements.


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