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We’ve just released a new desktop tool that downloads your photos from TwitPic so you can archive them on your hard drive or add to your Posterous site.   Just install Posterous I|O for TwitPic, follow a few simple steps and you’ll regain control of your photos in no time at all.

Posterous provides a very cozy home for your photos – you can control the look and feel of your site, add static pages with links to your other sites and manage all your comments in one place.  Plus, you can use Posterous in exactly the same way you use TwitPic – from the web or from your favorite Twitter client.  And don’t worry – our new tool will leave your photos on TwitPic intact.  Give Posterous I|O for TwitPic a try and let us know what you think.

Stay tuned to the Posterous Tech Blog for news on our open source version of Posterous I|O to support uploads to flickr or other destination sites.





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