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Robin Hood heads to the UN

September 20th, 2010 by Robin Hood

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Last week myself and a newly formed band of merry folk left the confines of Sherwood and headed over the pond to the Big Apple. That’s right folks; we’re at the UN for a rather large Summit about the Millennium Development Goals (MDGs). Set in 2000, the MDGs are eight goals which aim to lift around 500 million people out of poverty by 2015.

World leaders have just swept into town behind motorcades and barricades to make decisions, declarations and pronouncements (often re-announcing previous announcements).


Our team of renowned bloggers is here to ensure that they and the world hear all about our rather good idea for a tiny tax on the banks that could make a massive difference to the world.

We’re not content to leave it to the established media outlets to report back from Summits like these.  As we all know, the news agenda can easily be diverted to focusing on the exploits of famous footballers extra-curricular activities. So our bloggers are joining up with hundreds of other bloggers from all over the world to explore many issues and potential solutions to the world’s ills. I’ll be making sure that one of the ideas discussed is the Robin Hood Tax. 

I’ll be part of a team of VOICE bloggers. For those of you who haven’t heard of it, VOICE gives influential bloggers from around the world the chance to participate, engage, and influence important global events.

Let me introduce you to some of our band of merry men and women.

From the UK we’ve got 3 fantastic bloggers.

  • Rowan Davies – representing Mumsnet, an online community that discusses everything from favourite biscuits to election contests. Any aspiring UK politician has to face a Mumsnet web chat! Nick Clegg was there recently to talk about the MDGs. 
  • Jonathan Calder blogs on Liberal England, described as “an amusingly eclectic mix of culture and politics” by him and “Well written, funny and wistful” by others.
  • Anthony Painter – is a veteran of a previous VOICE (G20 in London) blogs about “UK, EU and US politics”


 From Rwanda:

  • Nkunda, The Cry for Freedom from Rwanda. Nkunda writes frankly about issues facing the Rwandan people. Blogs lately have looked at the election and Paul Kagame but this blogger also examines issues of development in the country.



  • Lindi  Janssen writes about international conflicts, human rights, politics and media

We’ll also have bloggers from the USA. I’ll make sure I keep you updated with some of the great content that they produce.

To see their work aggregated visit Or just keep coming back here to see what I’m getting up to.

Posted in: Latest, Top stories


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