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Open Source Enthusiast To Advise Conservatives

But while Steinberg has made it clear that he is not interested in party politics some critics have claimed that his decision to help the Conservatives is a betrayal of the present government which funded mySociety to the tune of 196,000 in 2004. In a comment on his personal blog, former Minister for Digital Engagement, Tom Watson (below) said that Steinberg’s decision could jeopordise mySociety’s independent standing.  […] But despite Watson’s criticism of Steinberg over his new role, Watson, who stepped down as Minister for Digital Engagement amid the expenses scandal, has not been immune to siding against the government over some of its recent internet policies. In August, Watson warned that the government has opened itself up to accusations of having been captured by record and film companies following its threat to cut-off the internet access of file-sharers.  […] I would like to stress to your readers that mySociety will continue to be rigorously impartial, just as it was when I was advising ministers like you in the current government. Apart from anything else, I don’t have the power to make mySociety be anything else other than impartial the staff and volunteers are way too independent minded to allow a dubious change in direction..  […]


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