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How is it that a blog that posts compromising pictures of cats with silly captions draws more than 60,000 visitors a day? I suspect it’s because it goes viral very easily, but I’m not entirely sure. Still, it exists, and there any number of strange blogs out there that fill niches you might not of thought existed. I present this list of the Web’s Most Bizarre High-Traffic Blogs as evidence that you can find an audiebnce for almost anything, if it’s unique (and, of course, if you work hard to draw new traffic).

1) I Can Haz Cheez Burger? Cats in compromising positions saying ludicrous things draws more than 60,000 visitors per day. (Traffic Rank: 20; 66,000 visitors per day).

2) Make: Blog: The Web’s most popular Do-It-Yourself blog is devoted to crafts, arts and useful products you can make on your own. Just add time, supplies and elbow grease. (Traffic Rank: 21; 60,000 visitors per day).

3) Neatorama: A geek culture blog (similar to, Neatorama doesn’t just focus on tech-related news. Recent posts included pancake caterpillars and churches converted into wonderful things like cafes and bookstores (not that I condone that sort of behavior). Daily traffic? 25K+. (Traffic Rank: 29; 25,400 visitors per day).

4) Celebrity Baby Blog: I think the name says it all. Celebrity Baby Blog is published in partnership with CNN, and the daily fare is news about the children of celebrities. Photos of smiling babies take center stage, and that’s good for some 16K+ visitors every day. (Traffic Rank: 41; 16,200 visitors per day).

5) Published by a married gentleman with six kids in Guam, ZenHabits is all about achieving your goals (like acquiring that flat stomach you’ve always wanted). One recent new age-ish post? “How to Create the Abundance Mindset.” (Traffic Rank: 51; 13,100 visitors per day).

6) PostSecret: You’ve been living under a rock if you haven’t heard of PostSecret. One of the most brilliant ideas in the blogosphere, the founder encourages readers to send him anonymous, confessional postcards, which he then posts on his site. It’s exhilirating, heartbreaking, lovely, pitiful … In short, it’s the full spectrum of modern life. (Traffic Rank: 57; 8,300 visitors per day).

7) The Pioneer Woman: Published by a “desperate housewife” named Dee, The Pioneer Woman is a confessional blog by a ranch-dwelling mother of four who’s moderately agoraphobic. (Traffic Rank: 58; 8,100 visitors per day).

8) Dumb Little Man: Filled with “tips for life,” Dumb Little Man offers brilliant ideas on things we might never have known we needed help with (like learning how to chill a soda or beer in three minutes). Of course, there are more substantive tips, too. (Traffic Rank: 61; 7,130 visitors per day).

9) Dooce: Perhaps the weirdest of the mom blogs out there, Heather B. Armstrong is a former Web designer-turned-Stay at Home Mom (what she calls a “SAHM” or a “Shit A** Ho Mother***). “I do both equally well,” she writes. Posts touch on things like new ultrasounds pics and cake toppers. (Traffic Rank: 66; 5,900 visitors per day).

10) Arts & Letters Daily: Stopping by Arts & Letters is like walking back in time 100 years. The layout looks like an Old World newsletter, and the topics are ceaselessly fascinating — all of which are simply teased from the homepage with delicious blurbs like this: “Being human is not a simple matter of stimulus and response: it is shaped by history, thought, time and space — not to mention tears, snot, and earwax.” (Traffic Rank: 90; 1,090 visitors per day).

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On June 2nd, 2009
sheffezen Said:

its wierd cat’s blog got really high traffic like that..from the first me search on google about this blog, i thought it maybe some of more to entertainment blog..

erm maybe that blog just helping by a picture inside it. Because search indexing are much faster if the blog have a lot pics.


On April 11th, 2010
Maggie Brown Said:

I checked them all out and like Post Secret and Dumb Little Man best. There must be a lot of cat lovers out there… I don’t get the draw…

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