How Tao Salt is Made – Health Myths You Still Believe

I often get asked why 200g of Tao Salt costs $500. This is less than a cup weighing in at about 7 oz. (Also see: Why Tao Salt is Considered the “Elixir of Immortality)

In ancient times, emperors begged the enlightened masters of their day for just a pinch of it. Today only those who are educated in longevity make the stretch for Tao Salt. The production process for it has not changed in millenia. And over that time, Asian cultures have referred to it as the “Elixir of Immortality.” 

Roughly 600 years ago, the first Samurai sword was made. It revolutionized warfare. 600 years ago would make it your great, great, great, great, great, great, great, great, great, great, great, great, great, great, great, great, great, great, great, great, great, great, great, great, great, great, great, great, great, great, grand father’s day. The production process for it has not changed in centuries.

9 liters of fine $10 per bottle white wine is needed to make one liter of $8000 Le Voyage de Delamain Cognac

To make a Samurai sword, a grand master swordsmith (often a Kenjitsu master) must apply his clan’s fabrication secrets with absolute precision. These secrets are so closely guarded that today’s top physicists, metallurgists, engineers and chemist working together still cannot make a Samurai sword that a Samurai would actually take to the battle field. The hardness and the flexibility just cannot be duplicated.

The carbon to iron balance must be totally different from the blade to the core to the back for hardness outside and softness inside. This must be absolutely perfect. After a master spends three 24 hour long days – 72 straight hours in scalding heat without food or sleep just forging the steel, 15 more men must work on this same blade for 6 months before it can be made available to a collector or Samurai. The cost varies from $100,000 to a quarter of a million dollars. (external ref: PBS NOVA on Samurai Swords)

Making Tao Salt is more difficult.

A Grand Master must procure earth mover size volumes of the finest sea salt from the eastern seaboard of Korea (due to the unique properties of that sea water) and furnace liquefy the salt at 2700 degrees F. This is the temperature of space shuttle atmosphere re-entry. It took NASA’s most brilliant scientists until 1981 to create a space shuttle that would not burn away at 2700 degrees F.

The Grand Master must work with a furnace at this temperature with absolute precision for 8 24hour days without sleeping or eating. This is necessary to ensure precision.

During these eight 24hour days, the sea salt is liquefied nine unique times. Each time, only the top half of the previous liquefication moves on to the next round. The bottom halves of each round are simply thrown away (this is done in a mountain temple environment. There are no landfills here). He works from his village in a remote Korean peninsula sacred Daoist mountain (like Benedictine Monks who make champagne at the abbey of Hautvillers, France).

To illustrate how much of one ton of premium medicinal grade sea salt survives to the 9th round, let’s imagine that the volume of your body was a ton. At the end of the first liquefication only from your head to your waist would move forward to the next round. After the second liquefication, only from your heart to your head move forward. The third produces chin to head. The fourth produces iris of the eye to top of head. The fifth produces iris of the eye to hairline. The sixth produces iris of the eye to middle of forehead. The seventh: iris of the eye to eyebrows. Eight: bottom of iris to top of iris. Ninth: produces an amount of salt comparable to the bottom of your pupil to the top. In centimeters, a six foot tall man is 182.88cm. For the sake of easy math, if you start with 180cm, you get, 90; 45; 22.5; 11.2; 5.6; 2.8; 1.4; 0.7; 0.35cm. Out of a six foot tall man, you’d have 3.5mm left. That’s about the thickness of your skin.

None of the salt from the ninth liquefication is Tao Salt. The bottom half of the liquified salt is not thrown away in this case. It is consumable as table salt and called “Bamboo salt.” Recently, Some have been making so-called, “Bamboo Salt.” But without the 9th heat treatment, they have no reason to take that name.

Tao Salt is the scrapable bubbles on the very surface of the liquefied salt. Imagine pouring your best friend a cup of coffee made by using only the amount of coffee you collect from bubbles on the very tops of thousands of Ventis and Grandes.

If this seems a little excessive, how much is one day of your life worth? How much is another decade worth?

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This blog is produced by JBNI Genomics and Cancer Proteomics, the maker of Tao Salt and Bioprin, called a “remarkable substance” and “stronger than most chemotherapeutic agents” by PhDs from Dana Farber Cancer Institute / Harvard Medical School

PS. Tao Salt is Exclusively Produced By JBNI and ONLY Distributed By JBNI at – Anyone else who claims to distribute or produce Tao Salt is not authentic.


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