Creston Ave’s – Welcome To The Block

 So today is  very sad day for us or maybe just for me,  a good friend of mine lost his job, but this was a very special person or at least in my eyes.

he made everybody around him feel alive and full of love, and thats how he got his name (FRANK LOVE)

he is the reason why i started a show on youtube called the frank love show, 

it was full of laughs and classics moments that will forever remain in my memories.

stories that when im old with grey hair i will still laugh and probrably cry.

we would always brag about how when we make it to the big screen how great life would be for us.

knowing all the struggles he has been though in his life i was wishing that maybe it would come true,

that i can help him make it a reality. i guess, no i dont guess,  i see in life things dont turn out the way you picture it in your mind.

hopefully god will watch over him and protect him from this crazy and heartless world.

i might not see you again in this life but no matter how much time flies in my heart you will always stay forever young



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