LEBANON: When suicide is the only escape

For Alem Dechesa, death was the only way out. For thousands of voiceless Ethiopian domestic workers working in Lebanon, suicide is the only avenue for escaping…

Tanzania: Human Trafficking Takes Root in the Country

Despite the high level of abuse that prevails in domestic service in Tanzanian urban centres, the occupation remains one of the most common jobs for children,…

Spain: Women Enslaved by Brothel Tourism Boom

Thirty years ago, virtually all the prostitutes in Spain were Spanish. Now, almost none are. Most of the women are controlled by illegal networks — they are…

RUSSIA: The enslaved and abused migrant women

Not so long ago, it was virtually unheard of for Central Asian women to head to Russia on their own in search of work. Poverty has forced many to travel and…

After 44 years, one of Spain’s stolen babies is reunited with her mother

Manuela Polo never believed her seventh child had died at birth as doctors told her. Now she has proof she was right. Her baby had been stolen by a network of…

PAKISTAN: Sharp rise in human trafficking in Sindh Province

Pakistan’s Sindh Province has recorded a sharp increase in reported cases of human trafficking since the beginning of the year, and the trend could continue…

Kenyan Graduates Trafficked by Embassy Staff

An international human trafficking ring works with employees of some embassies in Kenya to trick unsuspecting Kenyans into forced labour, it has been claimed.

Pakistan study reveals trafficking of poor Chitrali girls

Trafficking of Chitrali girls, for marriage has gone unchecked for years. Professional human traffickers who take advantage of the poverty, ignorance and…

Ugandan girl tells of living horror of Asian sex-slavery

She stands out in the Indonesia capital. She is taller than most and her black skin receives auspicious looks from those around, who often stare blankly at the…

Ugandan women tricked into Malaysian sex work

Advertisements pinned on the walls of shopping malls in Uganda’s capital promise young women a free ticket to a well-paying job in Malaysia as a nanny, maid or…

UK: Girl, 10, kept as ‘virtual slave’ in cellar

A 10-year-old deaf girl was trafficked into the UK and kept in a cellar as a virtual slave for almost a decade, a court in Manchester has heard.

IRELAND: Human trafficking expert to advise on exploitation of migrants

Official flies to Dublin for talks against backdrop of inquiry into murder of Roma woman

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