Australia bans sportsmen for domestic abuse

The Australian Rugby League (ARL) Commission issued a powerful statement on the subject of violence against women by banning Cowboys halfback Robert Lui for…

Maldives parliament passes domestic violence bill

The Maldives parliament yesterday passed a much awaited Domestic Violence Bill which for the first time will provide legal provisions to protect victims from…

Domestic violence cases disappear from Cuyahoga County’s online site

Cuyahoga County’s domestic relations court posted a bright red notice on its website recently, warning that anyone seeking information on its growing number of…

UK: Domestic violence affects one million children

New report shows that the scale of the problem has grown by almost a quarter in 10 years Almost a million children in Britain are affected by domestic…

PAKISTAN: Stories from a women’s shelter

Tucked away on a residential street, Panah, a women’s shelter home has been around for nearly twelve years housing victims of violence seeking refuge because…

Nearly 1,000 Pakistani women killed for honor

At least 943 Pakistani women and girls were murdered last year for allegedly defaming their family’s honor, the country’s leading human rights group reports.…

USA: The double imprisonment of battered women

Every US state has a self-defense law that allows an individual to use deadly force in situations where a threat to his or her well-being is imminent. If an…

UK: No refuge for battered women who can’t speak English

A London charity says that vulnerable women are being turned away from refuges because they don’t speak fluent English. All because the charities are unable to…

Campaign against domestic violence during Six Nations Rugby

Campaign launched in Wales to tackle the increased levels of domestic violence that occur around the time of major sporting events such as the Six Nations…

UK domestic violence refuges forced to turn victims away

Victims of domestic violence in the UK are at risk of further abuse because of sweeping cuts across the sector, according to domestic violence charities.

Canada: Shafia sisters murder – should we call it ‘honour killing’?

According to Yasmin Jiwani and Homa Hoodfar, the killing of the Shafia sisters in Canada is about femicide and has nothing to do with honour.

Violence against women on the rise in Uruzgan

According to Babo, a resident of the city, women faced a whole host of complex problems, including forced marriage and giving them away to settle disputes

UK shotgun killer had history of domestic violence

Police carrying out the investigation into Horden gunman Michael Atherton have confirmed there was a history of domestic violence in a “volatile…

Pakistan: Woman set on fire, another killed for ‘honour’ by in-laws

While the Pakistan government has passed several bills to prosecute discriminatory practices, violence against women continues to rise dramatically, suggesting…

Domestic violence affects both men and women in Egypt

In Egypt domestic violence against girls and women is a big problem; domestic violence against men however, is a problem of equal importance.


Nigeria – My Story is Our Story


By Olutosin Oladosu Adebowale:

“The fight is for us all, for the generation of women who are yet unborn.

This journey is unveiling by the day, because women worldwide have decided to awake from slumber.

The fight began sometime in the past and each passing day is a witness that the battle can be won, because there are more passionate women joining the stream of our cause; some women did it then and it is our turn to fight the battle now, the stage is set…”

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