BRING CORBY HOME Some People choose to stay quiet. Some people choose to stand back. Some people choose to turn their back on a friend. Are you that person.?



Some People choose to stay quiet. Some people choose to stand back. Some people choose to turn their back on a friend. Are you that person.? Then you are exactly the person I’m looking for. I’m looking for people who aren’t going to sit back and let others do things for you. I’m looking for people who’s weapon is to question the issues before believing them. I’m looking for the truth of what is really happening on this planet.

Most of you know that I have a beef with the National Australia Bank as well as all other banks in Australia who are fraudulently stealing our homes from everyday mum and dads, Illegally. That fight continues and the film does too. As we click along through the court process, I wanted to turn my attention onto something far more serious for one person in particular. Schapelle Corby… remember, she’s that guilty woman who was stupid enough to take drugs into Bali. Yep, that’s what I said too. What if I told you that Corby actually didn’t!! What if I told you that I have the facts, transcripts, emails etc of the evidence to prove that Corby is guilty of nothing more than getting on a Plane to Bali.

The fact is this. It’s true… Schapelle Corby boarded a plane to Bali – GUILTY! So what, millions of Australian’s board planes every day. However, this plane on this day also had a package, the size of a boogie board filled with drugs. Obviously you saw what the media presented to us.. At any time did you stop to think that it seems mad for someone to bring that amount of drugs in a boogie bag to a country that kills prisoners. I had to wonder that if I was to be stupid enough to take drugs into a country that has a death penalty, I certainly wouldn’t bring them in by the truck load. But we’ve been led to believe that Schapelle Corby had the balls to do just that.

Yeah Right!!

I’m not interested in people wanting to argue whether she is guilty or not. Anyone that argues the facts are either stupid or blind. The facts are now fully available and yet Ms Corby continues to rott in a shit hole in Bali. So i’ll introduce you all to the evidence in a second.

I now want to draw a picture for you. Let’s just say Grandma wants to take a trip to Bali because she’s never been out of Australia. She decides to take the grand kiddies on a big plane. However, when she gets off the plane her Grand daughter is stopped by Police and searched. Grandma thinks to herself…. “I don’t know why they would mant to stop my little suzy with her pigtails”. Then the officer opens up a bag of dope that little Suzy was carrying. The question is this… would you allow little Suzy to live one minute in the same Jail Corby is in? No.. So let’s say the girl is a bit older. Let’s call her Schapelle. Can someone tell me the difference between little Suzy and Shapelle.?

One word my fellow Australian’s……… CHAMBERLIN.

For those that know me, you can certainly attest to the fact that I’m the Worlds big critic when it comes to people taking drugs into foreign countries. I’m also the one that Judged Schapelle guilty because I was led to believe the media, the 24 hour a day broadcasts. That was a ratings killer in Australia. Some people got very rich. The last thing anyone needs now is to know that she’s innocent. Can’t she just hurry up and die in their or go nuts or something… The answer is, Corby is already dead. She’s dead inside because her Aussie mates left her there to rott. We LEFT HER THERE. That is going to change immediately.

I don’t know Schapelle and to be honest I don’t need to know her. But I do need to stand up against injustice when it’s right in front of me. The Evidence can be found at All I ask for is that you DO NOT BELIEVE WHAT I’M SAYING!!! I don’t want this to be easy. I want all those critics that were like me to view the REAL evidence. If like me you see that evidence and want to do something about it then use the one weapon that all of us have got… your voice.

Sign your name to CORBY! That’s right. Tell Schapelle that we’re on our way. Tell our friends in Bali that we’re STAYING AWAY. The people of Bali are beautiful people but right now they have a good Aussie chick sitting in a hole waiting to die because our own Government chose to leave her there.

If they won’t go get her then I’ll do it myself. Sign the petition. Just add your name and a contact number or email. When we get her out I’m sure she’ll want to write you a letter to thank you personally. If Australia has no guts anymore like the diggers who fought for us under this Country’s name then we’re all lost.. Where on earth did the Aussie Digger go when we needed him. This Aussie chick is alone and she needs some Aussie mates to cheer her up.

Who’s with me. C’mon, who wants to prove what Aussie’s do for each other.. I dare ya. How about this, every person that puts their name to this petition and who donates any money for the film “I’ll personally buy you a beer when this is over”. How’s that. One beer for every Aussie that pitches in to bring this Corby Chick home!! Cheers.



Thank you so much for your support. Please go back and start liking us on facebook, twitter and get the word out. It’s time to stand against injustice.!

Thank you.!


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