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Anna Hutsol
Ганна Гуцол

Hutsol (left with red hair) and DJ Hell
Born Anna Hutsol
October 16, 1984 (age 27)
Kiev, Ukraine
Occupation Activist
Years active 2008–present

Anna Hutsol (UkrainianГанна Гуцол; born 16 October 1984[1]) is a Ukrainian activist and founder of FEMEN. Although she was born in what is now Ukraine, she uses the Russian version of her name (анна Гуцол)[2] and uses the English name ‘Anna Hutsol’ on her Facebook page[3]. Hutsol is an economist[4] and has a background in theater and uses that skill to attract attention to her cause – for Ukrainian women to gain access to society and politics.[5]




FEMEN protest against Mykola Azarov

FEMEN (UkrainianFEMENUkrainian Cyrilic:Фемен) is an Ukrainian protest group based in Kiev, known for their toplessdemonstrations. The group started protesting against sex tourism[6][7] and broadened their agenda to women’s rights and civil rightsin Ukraine and around the world.[8]

President Viktor Yanukovych and Prime Minister Mykola Azarov were targets of protest when they appointed an all male cabinet.[9]Hutsol is seeking representation for FEMEN in the Verkhovna Rada.[10]

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