BrainSpace (projectbrainsaver) hightechheadhelper TellYourPhone call it what you will – ‘it’s needed more than ever today. and ‘it’s so easy!


Until a few years ago data on individuals was held on an ad-hoc basis on paper, microfiche or on mainframe computer by large companies, governments and government organisations – hospitals, etc..


With the advent of the world wide web and cheaper, faster computers data on individuals started to become a standard ‘must’ for most companies, both large and small, to help them sell their products to the largest markets possible. Networking allows governments to consolidate data on individuals – in the main to give better service to those individuals.


If you look at an individuals life today you now have two timelines – theirs and the digital data life that runs beside them – until their deaths and beyond.


This can be used to aid their lives and this is one of the main aspects that Projectbrainsaver (BrainSpace) sets out to exploit for their benefit from now onwards.



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