Hurricane Mitch – WEBAID 1998 Micro generators – New industry Proposed Microgenerators Micro Generators Another name for a DC Micromotor with a modified specification

New industry Proposed


Micro Generators

Another name for a DC Micromotor

with a modified specification

(high emf at low revs – add a comutator)



Try for a toy car that uses one motor to run the car and another that is a generator for when the kid pushes it on the floor

savonius rotor or hand wound or hydraulicly driven or…..

Mabuchi makes millions upon millions of these micro motors each year.

If no one out there is able to think of a hundred different applications for a little generator that gathers waste energy….

Chinese style hanging lanterns that hang in a garden and glow when a breeze blows them round… seeing a breeze.

on a windy road at night?

lots of little ones strung together like wind fences, gathering the blow of the wind and lighting the area- stockpiling warmth, filling batteries, powering radios.

Eventually each individual rain drop can add a pulse of electricity to a mesh of other pulsing micro motors.

These motors I am talking about are in every toy car and shaver.


and every electrical engineer knows that “A DC Motor IS a DC Generator”


There is excess capacity worldwide.

It doesn’t take a genius to make money from this.

Use it if it can help.


I need forward thinking international level companies to start building this structure.

Some of you have been emailed for this reason

Others because you have shown other talents.


Or giving me the wherewithal to start doing it myself.

“you need the proper tools to do a proper job”


Mark Aldiss


United Kingdom


webaid is in the proccess of aquiring its own server status to control the myriad of connections that will be needed for this system to work effectively.




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