Campaigns: Nasrin Soutedh

Is Iran Afraid Of A 12-Year-Old Girl?

Womens Rights: Argentina

Argentina’s Parliament of Women

Domestic Violence: Colombia

Colombia Tightening Laws Against Acid Attacks


Message to Supporters from the Tribal NGOs Consortium, Regarding Farida Afridi

“I am thankful to all those who extended their condolence messages for Farida Afridi and her familiy. Her father is a poor man but his courage is as high as of…

Afghanistan: Women of the Future

IT’S Friday afternoon in Kabul and prayers have just finished, marking the start of the Afghan weekend. Traditionally this is a time for families, but eight…

Co-founder of Women’s Group in Pakistan Shot Dead by Militants

Safeworld staff are heartbroken to learn of the murder of Farida Afridi, co-founder of SAWERA, our Field Partner in N.W.Pakistan. Farida Afridi, together with…


Rio+20: Planned Parenthood Foundation Condemns Disregard for Reproductive Rights

Despite focussing on sustainable development, Rio+20 ignored fundamental rights of women.

Rio+20: A Blind Eye Towards Women

Global Fund for Women: ‘Who thinks women’s health and human rights are radical, dangerous, and controversial? …Women are not asking for the world. They just…

Rio+20: Place of the Emperors of the People

The battle to save the planet continues to be led by those who do not have the best interests of the most vulnerable at heart, says former South African…


Argentina’s Parliament of Women

Buenos Aires recently established a new body within the city legislature to handle bills that address women’s issues. Called the Parlamento de Mujeres, it…

Ukbekistan doctors confirm forced sterilations of women

Following recent reports about enforced sterilisation of women in Uzbekistan, The Lancet, one of the world’s leading medical journals’ has spoken to the few…

Pakistan: Why are female MPs against women’s rights?

A couple of days ago, Kashmala Tariq shut down the reproductive bill, on the basis of religion, stating that it was an issue of ‘sensitive’ nature. Ayesha…


Egypt: Scandal of ‘summer brides’

Hundreds of under-age Egyptian girls are entering temporary marriages with rich tourists from the Persian Gulf during the summer in return for money for their…

India: Campaign against female foeticide

Elsewhere, it would have been front page news: a couple on the run after being caught trying to bury their newborn baby girl alive. But in India, where there…

Indian children’s homes under abuse spotlight

A series of sex abuse scandals at orphanages and shelters in India has sounded alarms over the management of children’s homes, many of which operate with…


S Korea: Rape & domestic violence blamed on alcohol, as govt cracks down

A survey In South Korea found that alcohol was a factor in almost a third of the 3m serious crimes – including murder, robbery and rape – recorded over the…

Colombia Tightening Laws Against Acid Attacks

In Cartagena, a city of one million people where, so far this year, five women have been murdered and 213 injured in attacks, leading to the arrest of 196 men,…

South Korea: Women Call for Revision of Domestic Violence Act

Activists held signs in 25 locations across the country demanding: Complete revision of the domestic violence act, education to prevent violence against women,…


Growing ‘Entertainment’ Industry Traps Nepali Girls

Almost unnoticed, Nepal’s burgeoning adult entertainment industry has been drawing young girls away from being trafficked across the border to India’s big…

Slovenia officials accused of trafficking

A scandal has erupted in Slovenia over the authorities’ alleged complacency with the trafficking of hundreds of women from Dominican Republic who get work…

THAILAND: Children trafficked to sell flowers and beg

In an impoverished town in Thailand near the border with Myanmar, a trafficker offered a desperate Burmese widow 5,000 baht (US$160) on the spot, followed by…


UK: Arms Trade is Booming, Amid Austerity Cuts

For the UK, income from military exports to the Middle East alone, generating £395 million in 2010. Meanwhile, Women’s AID has had to turn away nearly 1 in 10…

Violence Against Women Does Not Cease Just Because People Can Vote

As the world awaits the results of Libya’s first free national election in 60 years, the Global Fund for Women, GFW, knows that violence against women does not…

1,300 Filipino workers in Syria want to come home

At least 1,300 Filipino workers in Syria have expressed willingness to be repatriated from the strife-torn Middle East country So far, a total of 1,734…


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