I am going to throw down anything, and everything that comes to my mind and make some semblance of sense of it, if possible, at a later date.

Dunblain. Micheal Ryan. April Fab. Cigarettes. The conservative party. The Alternative Technology Centre. Knives. Computers. Puppies. Oil. Painting. Art. Creativity. The Collective Unconcious. God. Religion. The hidden side of each of us. Potential. Dreams. The Sunday Express. Phil Snowdon. The Coltishall Air Display. Sex in the wood. George and Aminah. Mick and Betty. The Lotus Cortina. Selfishness. Harpley. Miss Allen. Charlie and Gizelle. The swinging branch in the mushroom field. The Collins french english dictionary and the cows. The Manor House. Kelvin Darlow. Charles and Terry Case. Gullwing Mercedes. Hunstanton. The police hitch.The purple hand jeans. Weasenham Farms Ltd. The duck pond. Exploring. The cutter blades and the fertiliser sacks. The meat safes. The secret garden. The old, inky printer box and the old office. Great Snoring. Bridget Hall. Gary Doy. Old Mrs Jones and her 18 children. Jennifer Little and the party. Walsingham. Tatterford. Thornage. Tracy Bushell. The fire extinguisher in the arn. Viola Wylam. The playroom. Her brothers. Tea cosy hats. The geese. Ferrets. The old Rectory. Uncle Ben. The long bows. The river. The old bridge. The sewerage pipe. Mud Gudgeons and sticklebacks. The carrot washer. Jesophat and Jemima. The trip to the doctors with Barbara. Bar Ellis. Robin and Libby. Pru Crane. Ronson Electronic lighters. The Honda 50. Castle Acre Priory. The ride to Lincolnshire Agricultural College. Newmarket. Penny Jacobs and Wilsden Green. Danbury Music Camp. Brian. The Jewish Wedding at the West London Synagogue– and the Mini clutch. Old Mr Perone and his black Morris 1000 pick-up. Gertie the goat lady. The Green van Man. Mrs Little and the magnetic cars- and Davie Crockett. Brian Aldiss and the Hand Reared Boy trilogy. The Aldiss Estates Company. Gran. Mimi and Da. Duckend Farm. Hindringham. Peugeot 204 b Estate. Sea and Land Pipelines Ltd. Brown and Root (Construction) Ltd. Ross Foods and Mack. Roger Joyce. Chris Joyce. Miss Pennington. Chaney. Banger. The Stockings. The fairy sad castle. The bat in the lane. Haborough. The railway track. The swing over the river. Gran’s visit and the penny bars of Cadbury’s. The chickens. Hopton. The motor biker and the curse. The green bomb stuff. Dressing up. Cossacks. Doctors. The little cutlery set and the fire. Bruno’s arm. My knee and the drawing pin. Spear in the eye. The elavator accident. The moon arch. Prunus Pisardae Negre. Grip. Friday and the Beaujolais and chips. The green velvet three piece suite. Holland. The glass bird dome. The round table. Morning Glories. BEN 1. The rope knot board. The shit cart and summer nights. Wetting the bed. The alarm. The white space pistol. The Landrover and horse box. The tommy gun on bonfire night. Adrian Hall and banger. The penny farthing bicycle. The lions  on the gates. The waste from the sugarbeet factory. The first bike ride- the lone star bike and the red and gold bike. The go cart. 8X30 Binoculars. Bike building from dumps. Rover 65. Ford Executive. Henrietta the Austin Ruby 7. Wells. Burnham very Staithe. The Maltings Hotel. Richard Phillips. black shirts and psychedelic ties. The strike. Sara and Sophie Day. Puch Maxi. The gypsies and the carrot factory road. Great Massingham. Uncle Burt and Aunt Miry. Renault 6. The ‘little boys’ and their supper. Birch Sap wine. John Appleton and Tay. The fish knife. Their daughters. The fire station and the old aerodrome. Little Snoring airfield. The Spitfire and fingers in the gun muzzle. The chocolate road at easter. The corona lorry. Mr Styman. Near the phone box at Gt Snoring and President Kennedy. Susan Jones and the Tent at school. Miss Theobald and the statues. The walnut tree. The Unicorn. Duggie Easton. The chimney fire at christmas. Jimmy. “I hope you die and that’s a curse”. Stop breaking it up. Barbara and chocolate cake. Bambi and the kitchen table. Fakenham Grammar School. Catherine Culverwell. Karen Erwich. William Relton. Micheal Gough. Baron Boligrews Dragon hunt. Twelth Night. The french visitors. “touche mon Bit”. Nancy . The library. Kellng Heath. Kelling Park Averies. Micheal Kraut. 1994. Nephrotic Syndrome. Dr Bennet and Dr Graham. Kings Lynn. The Norfolk College of Arts and Technology. Dave Blakeney. Honda 175. Polly Gough. The White horse, Blakeney. Hunworth. Lawrence and Calder Hall. Lancia Beta Coupe. Judy Shaw. Brian Rivett. Bircham Newton Training Camp. Stephen Docking.  Jane Aldiss. Rachel Wilson. Thornham. Tin Police car. The Apple tree. Tenon saw indians. The Tatterford candle stick. The potato dump. Rats. Shirley and Patrick. Air rifle poaching. The mobile home. Raking the drive. Puff balls. The SS America. Miami. Canada. Los Angeles. Picton, Ontario. Cherry Valley Canners. Rudi’s store. Oldsmobile Delta 88. Valery Carnegie. Mike Vallas. Ford Cortina 1200 Mk 1. Sidestrand. Topliss Green. Cannister Hall. Wymondham College. Morley Hall. Father Brophy. “You know, you know, you know”. Ma Tebbs. Matron. Mr Paxton- Puke. The Musical appreciation society. Charles Jenkins. Out the back. york house. Doodies. Caroline Fountaine. Elizabeth nd Roger and Sigi. The Boat. Rover 3500S. Gilbert and Sullivan. Pete Dueul and Ben Murphy. “It pains you, it pains me, it pains everybody”song. John and Carrol Sexton. Beryl Chapman. Maggie Chapman. Maddie Chapman. Ponds Cold cream and the walk. The Pea Gun. Mini Pick up. John and Cara Ross. Billy Ross. Tea from the saucer. Stealing petrol. Major John Sutton. The stone field. The spider field.

An hour or less of thinking


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